Fox- F22-564-250 Planer Thicknesser

Bought 02/08/2011 from Poolwood Machinery Excellent delivery

I chose this model because of the larger capacity and the better fence than other similar P/T's

9 1/2" wide Oak

It was cut from an old office desk top.

The planed piece on the right, the lines across the board are caused by me changing my body position feeding the board.

A quick whizz over with a belt sander followed by an orbital sander and finally hand sanded with Abronet


When I first got the P/T it suffered bad snipe, I spent at least an hour setting the blades,not with the blade setting device supplied, it's now fine.

After thicknessing a load of fibrous soft wood the chain came off, the in-feed roller had jammed,
It only took a couple of minutes to put it back on and it has worked OK since.

Update summer 2012 (well mid year, we didn't have a summer)

The chain came off again and snapped the belt, I was only light surface planing at the time.
I rang Poolwood who passed me onto Serracon Fox importer.
I had a new belt the next morning.

Before fitting the new belt I decided to do an investigation into why the chain had come off.
In short the the small chain cog was out of alignment made worst by the position of the spring tensioner.

I felt quite confident that I could rectify this but presumed that it would invalidate the warranty, I rang Sarracon to have a chat, (they are very nice people to deal with) I fully explained what the fault was and the modifications I proposed to rectify it, I got their backing and assurance that the warranty would still be valid.
I must stress they were more than willing to exchange the machine at their cost.
I didn't fancy taking it all to bits and packing it up and I like a challenge.

Since making the mods I have run ten 7' lenghts of rough sawn 3x2 through the thicknesser.

One of the modification I made may be out of the capability of some people.